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Hardway Enterprise Co-Producing Documentary Film on Gang Violence in "City of Roses"

During the summer of 2017, Hardway Enterprise LLC agreed to partner with Interventionist Specialist, Steven Sneed, to produce a documentary film aimed to address and find a solution to the destruction and pain caused by the deadly epidemic of gang violence. Set in his hometown, the world-famous city of Pasadena, California, "PASADENA: Exploring Solutions To Gang Violence", digs deep into the issue with exclusive interviews from local residents and others whom have been affected most by the issue.

Born and raised in Pasadena, Steven Sneed, is deeply rooted and invested in the community. As a former gang-prevention worker for the Pasadena Unified School District (PUSD), he has witnessed the impact that gang-related violence in our community has had on the development and behavior of local students, from elementary to high school. Having lost his position with PUSD in 2017 due to "budget cuts", Sneed still hopes to help the youth in his community through the awareness, discussions, and actions that are sure to be sparked by the project.

"As an active mentor to youth in Pasadena, I can't imagine a more powerful tool capable of addressing the situation than a film", said in an interview with President & CEO of Hardway Enterprise, Jason Hardin. Hardin also went on to say, "This film is guaranteed to create the dialog necessary to produce solutions that not only solve the problem here, but in other cities as well"

Filming has already begun and is set to release mid 2018. Along with the film, the project includes a live forum following each special screening. The forum will include a panel of guest speakers consisting of interviewees, producers, and director, Steven Sneed.

Knowing the film will surely serve as a tool to help other communities suffering from gang-related violence, producers are currently raising funds for promotion, screenings, and film festival entries. In addition to creating a crowdfunding campaign, Hardwear Apparel has already merchandised a line of t-shirts literally promoting "PeaceInDena", which are now available here. Donations are also being accepted on the film's "gofundme" page.

If there is a special way you would like to help with this project or would just like more information, please call (626) 676-3618.

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