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Welcome to the home of HARDWEAR APPAREL.  In addition to our own branded clothing line, we are also the creators of Made In Dena, Life Of A Boss, Worldwide Golf Apparel, and are behind the success of a few other very popular clothing brands. Our clothing companies generate more income than all of our other ventures combined, so we know exactly how a simple t-shirt can end up changing entire lives.


To help give back to our community, we provide a number of no-cost & low-cost programs, products, and services that enable others to bring their visions to life thus opening up a world of opportunities. So, if you are interested in creating your own clothing line or would just like a custom item for you or someone special, please let us now using the following contact information:


email: hardwayenterprisellc@gmail.com

call/text: (636) 336-2624 or (213) 256-8948