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Powerful Movie Making Made Easy

If you're in a business or hobby that involves creating great video content, there is a must-have piece of equipment that is guaranteed to upgrade each and every one of your presentations. It is called the DJI MOBILE OSMO 2, and the difference it makes is absolutely astonishing.

Whether you're an artist starting out in the music business, an entrepreneur building your brand, or just about anything in between, creating dynamic video content is essential in communicating a powerful message and engaging audiences. For this reason, many companies have begun to produce gimbals made exclusively for smartphones. For those who have never heard of a "gimbal" before, they are devices that hold your camera steady while it's in motion. Gimbals have been around in Hollywood for years, but they are relatively new to the general public and to smartphones.

Though there are several mobile gimbals out there now, such as the FeiyTech, Zhiyun, and Hohem, I personally chose the Mobile Osmo 2 made by DJI. I chose this particular device, because I had recently finished working on a documentary film that was partly shot with DJI drones and the original Osmo, and the footage was excellent.

For the price, the Mobile Osmo 2 definitely gets the job done. Online, I paid $139, and it came with a small tripod and a base to stand the Osmo up on its own. There were a couple of cheaper mobile gimbals on the market, but I wanted to go with a brand I trusted, and I'm glad I did. Also, the DJI has an app that is packed with cool features such as Time Lapse, Hyperlapse, and subject tracking.

The true value of mobile gimbals are that they literally can turn boring cell phone footage into cinematic masterpieces. Taking the shake out of handheld filming creates a very professional shot with virtually any camera. On top of professionalism, stable shots can add a sense of drama and action to your projects without expensive rigs, cranes, or even cameras. With the quality of smartphone cameras constantly increasing, bulky DSLRs may soon be a thing of the past.

Since getting my Osmo, I rarely take out my trusty Nikon D5100 unless I'm doing contract work or covering a red carpet. My personal 13MP LG Aristo 3 has quickly become my weapon-of-choice when filming my own projects. Even now, I have two shows currently in production that are actually primarily shot with my phone, mostly due to having a mobile gimbal.

So, If you're creating video content as a hobby or as part of your business, a mobile gimbal is a wonderful investment and absolutely worth having. For less than $150, a little creativity, and a smart phone, you can literally create a full-length feature film just as brilliant as anything that can come out of Hollywood.

Tell me what you think of the mobile gimbal and which ones you've had experiences with, if any. Also, if you did have a mobile gimbal what would you shoot?


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