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Hardway Enterprise Teams Up With Talyn Nelson In New Podcast Deal

I'm extremely happy and proud to announce that Hardway Enterprise has reached a deal with the absolute gorgeous rising entrepreneur and personality, Talyn Nelson, to produce her very first podcast series. The show is set to launch in the fall of 2019 and will also accompany a corresponding web series and blog.

Nelson has quickly become an icon in her hometown of Pasadena, California, and she is now ready to take on the world. Head cheerleader, ravishing model, college graduate, entrepreneur, and more, this young lady has totally excelled at everything she has put her mind to and is the absolute epitome of the phrase "beauty & brains".

The podcast, "Uplift Your Day with Tay", is Nelson's ongoing testimony in her epic journey to help others reach their full potential, physically, emotionally, and financially. Since our very first encounter, I can personally say that her confidence, inspirational messages, expert advice, stunning presence, and graceful demeanor continues to command my attention as it will audiences worldwide. So, the decision to partner up to develop and expand her brand wasn't just an easy one, it's also a very smart one.

Hardway Enterprise reaches podcast deal with Talyn Nelson.
Hardway Enterprise reaches podcast deal with Talyn Nelson.

With podcasts, social media, and connectivity as a whole becoming more and more powerful, the opportunity to create massive influence and major income has produced the new "gold rush" for today's entrepreneurs, young and old. Through sponsors, advertisers, affiliate marketing, and merchandising, the deal with Nelson may very well mark the making of a multi-million dollar endeavor.


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