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Youth In Stocks: Teaching Our Young People About The World's Largest Market

With "Bitcoin" and cryptocurrency trending on virtually all social media platforms, conversations about investing are sparking amongst those that have never even considered owning a financial product before. Maybe now, we can finally create some real dialog and interest for teaching our children how to build real wealth using the biggest market in the world, the stock market.

Why aren't we teaching our children about the stock market? If we ourselves don't know about the stock market, why aren't we eager to learn? For many of us, these are two very important questions that are so rarely considered when discussing issues such as our personal finances, business, and retirement. Can we create some dialog on this? If you or your children were young investors, what/who sparked their interest?

This is an important topic to me, because I truly believe that everlasting wealth cannot be obtained without a sound stock portfolio. As a child, my father emphasized that you need "a lot" of money to trade stocks, and it took over 30 years to learn that simply was not true. So to reverse the mistakes of my childhood thinking, I plan to get each and every child in my family interested in the stock market to at least some degree. Any thoughts?

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