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Come to our facility in the beautiful city of Pasadena, CA and enjoy some of our fun interactive learning experiences.  We believe it is extremely important to replicate our value and success by sharing our knowledge as well as the knowledge of some incredible members of our network so that others may become inspired, explore possibilities, and expand their horizons.  Listed below, you will find each of the workshops, classes, & trainings that we are currently offering.


This list changes regularly due to availability and demand, so we encourage everyone to register for their seats immediately. 


Some workshops and classes may also be taken privately and at your own pace.  Call us for more details.



  • How To Create Your Own Fragrance

    • Learn how to create high-end fragrances for pennies-on-the-dollar to wear or sell.  We provide all materials.  Just bring your nose and yourself.​

  • How To Create Your Own Podcast

    • Learn how to create and grow your own podcast about AMSOLUTELY ANYTHING.  You will get a valuable crash course on equipment, recording, hosting, publishing, promoting, & monetizing.   ​

  • How To Create A Clothing Line

    • Learn the basics for creating a successful clothing line from scratch.  We will teach you how to get from idea to finished product to creating a winning brand.​

  • How To Run For Local Office

    • Learn the necessary steps required for virtually anyone to run a successful campaign.  This workshop will help you understand the process, benefits, and dangers of running for public office.​

  • How To Use Photoshop For Business

    • Learn how to create everything your business needs using Photoshop. We will teach you several of the countless ways Photoshop can be used to benefit your business. 


  • Creating A Successful Clothing Line 101

    • Get valuable hands-on experience in creating your own clothing line from the ground up.  In this multi-session course, you will learn how to design, produce transferable images, operate a vinyl cutter, use a heat press, package, promote, and profit from your own ideas. ​

  • Podcasting For Purpose & Profit 101

    • Learn everything you need to know to produce a successful podcast.  This interactive multi-session course will take you step-by-step through process of producing, promoting, and profiting from your own podcast. ​

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See why we are called the "dream team" of getting things done. 

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